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        Contact us


        Contact address: No. 68, Wenzhou Road, building No. six

        Talent is our most valuable resource, is the core competitiveness of the source of our.
        Whether you are a green hand, or expert, as long as you have a total growth of elite rise above the common herd!
        No matter where you are, or where you are, as long as you only lofty, there is a vast sky!
        We can't stop the passage of time...
        When opportunity knocks, what are you waiting for?
        Strong brand prominent product industry development space unlimited
        We advocate a healthy and happy way of life, we need to be full of vitality and eager to join us!
        The job is not supposed to be a distant Join Us! I have more wonderful! Join us! I believe you have more exciting!

        Contacts:Ministry of Personnel
        Contact number:13906661180
        Contact number:0577-88508006 88508370
        Job title Recruitment number Job description
        Sales 2 Chemical Equipment
        Clerk 1 Office administrative affairs
        Finance 1 Finance