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        Contact address: No. 68, Wenzhou Road, building No. six

        Product details

        RT-03B caprolactam ammoximation catalyst
        Compared with the TS-1 catalyst in the process of caprolactam, the RT series catalyst showed essential properties for the synthesis of cyclohexanone oxime from cyclohexanone, regardless of crystal structure, pore size and catalytic life. In the case of caprolactam Has a good application prospects.
         RT series of catalyst performance indicators:
        Serial number Performance Specifications Test methods
        1 shape RT-03B  
        2 Particle size / average particle size 40~60 / Laser particle size method
        3 Specific surface area / m2 · g-1 is greater than 300 Adsorption method
        4 Burn down Less than 5% 550 degrees / 3h
        5 Initial activity (cyclohexanone conversion) 2 hours greater than 80% Catalyst evaluation method