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        Butene isomerization RIBW-200/400 production isobutylene catalyst

        Release time:2017-04-11 09:42:06    source:

        Butene skeleton isomerization technology, the use of RBIW-200/400 isomerization catalyst catalytic role, can make carbon tetra-normal olefins skeleton isomerization reaction, so that it is converted to isobutene, to provide raw materials for the production of MTBE.
        Catalyst specification
        Table RBIW-400 type butene skeleton isomerization catalyst specification

        Project Indicators
        Specific surface, m2/g ≥200
        Pore volume, ml/g ≥0.20
        Shape white stripes
        Size, (diameter × length) mm ф2.0~3.0×5~8
        Crushing strength,N/cm ≥80
        Bulk density, g/cm3 0.45±0.05